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This site is no longer active; many of the cafes closed after the 2011 earthquake, and it was formally archived in 2019. Thanks for visiting!

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Review of Mojo by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

What can I say? One of the best made cappucinos I've had for a long time. However it took a long time to make which was the only downside...


Review of Zippys Cafe by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

Whilst the cafe had somewhat an 'arty atmosphere', the coffee did not reflect that. The coffee was too watery and the milk was almost boiled, the overall flavour off the coffee was nothing and it was so hot it would've taken hours to drink.

However on the upside the service was very good and for that I give Zippy's Cafe a 5/10.


Review of Deluxe by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

Best cafe in Wellington by a long shot. Coffee is nicely and smoothly textured, and as a regular customer they have never let their standards slip. Service is quick and the food also is great.

Therefore I'd personally rate Cafe Deluxe fully 10/10


Review of Sublime Coffee House by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

Great coffee. A nice smooth, creamy texture and a rich Flavour. The barista showed excellent skills and the coffee reflected that. One of a kind in Nelson, 5 star i rate it 10/10


Review of Coffee Culture Sumner by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

An old friend of mine. Great roast, full bodied flavour, Wonderfull texture. 10/10.


Review of Founders Park Cafe by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

A very bad coffee-no flavour, no texture. To back up my opinion the food was 80%salad and 20% what you wanted...

Coffeewise a 1/10


Review of Lambretta's by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

After all the hype about this particular cafe's coffee, I found it pretty Average really... Whilst I appreciate it was busy, the coffee had no flavour- it was essentially a textured milk.

Very disappointing from Lambrettas and I rate it 5/10


Review of Le Cafe by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

Le Cafe's coffee didn't have a spark or anything special. It just seemed another average coffee. However the food wasn't bad but the worst aspect was the service-over 35 minutes to recieve a Salad!

For that i'd rate it 1/10


Review of Starbucks Lambton Quay by Shadow on Wed, 06 Feb 2008:

Highly overpriced for a very bad coffee.. The service was terrible and the two people at the counter looked like they weren't interested in the individual coffee that needs attention to detail.

I rate it 2/10


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