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This site is no longer active; many of the cafes closed after the 2011 earthquake, and it was formally archived in 2019. Thanks for visiting!

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Review of Starbucks Lambton Quay by Harvestor on Tue, 16 May 2006, updated Tue, 16 May 2006:

I have found that all starbucks in New Zealand have a sad tendency to forgo the practice used at US starbucks of brewing fresh - drip brewed coffee (the way god intended!) every 20 minutes and instead serve some form of espresso almost exclusively. Espresso and its dilute variants is ok, if that's what you like, but to really appreciate coffee it should be french pressed or drip brewed. This has gotten a bad rep in NZ due to the use of inferior coffees and too much water
at most establishments that formerly used this method. Steam expressing coffee destroys the caffeine and the dark roast ruins unique flavors. Kiwis don't know what they're missing by not insisting on properly brewed (french pressed or drip) coffee.


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