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This site is no longer active; many of the cafes closed after the 2011 earthquake, and it was formally archived in 2019. Thanks for visiting!

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Review of Fava by vadaseven on Thu, 01 Oct 2009:

I used to always get my coffee there, really good but I always thought the food was really average..stopped by recently after being out of Christchurch for a year and wow the food was awesome has improved so much. Service is away fast and friendly.


Review of The Savoy Brown by vadaseven on Thu, 01 Oct 2009:

I really like the mix of laid-back and friendly but still fast and professional, Can't ask for more than a great coffee served quickly with a good attitude.


Review of Underground by vadaseven on Tue, 06 Oct 2009:

Colombo street location. I have been there twice recently, first time was not to bad ordered three flat whites and a couple of afghans to go after ordering popped next store to Mr sushi (best sushi love it;) so individually picked a couple of trays of sushi paid and went back to pickup coffee's and wait....and waited didn't think they where busy enough to justify such a long wait, but coffee's where good and afghans delicious. Next visit worst ordered one flat white to go.It was quiet at three in the afternoon but again waited at window painfully watching barista make two coffee's then start on my one, coffee in cup milk steamed yes.. oh no phone rings she wanders over to other side of cafe to answer with my cup in hand, wanders back milk in, top on finally my $4 flat white arrives, have a sip absolute scorcher still have a burnt tongue!. I would not bother going back, there are enough good cafe's offering better service close by.


Review of Cafe Metro by vadaseven on Tue, 06 Oct 2009:

Was there on the weekend, coffee was nice a wee bit weak but well made and two savories muffins not great bland and watery. Worst thing the price $17.50 for two coffee's and two muffins!! I expect absolute quality for that price. So in summary expensive, average cafe.


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