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Review of C1 Espresso by 25-30seconds on Thu, 20 Mar 2008, updated Thu, 20 Mar 2008:

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"Fair Trade" is a brand/association/label to create awareness and that helps small farming cooperatives get a fair deal on the green beans they sell to the roasters.

Green beans can be brought alternativly at prices that are on par with or better than "fair trade" labeled coffee.

Some botique NZ Coffee Roasters choose to pay their farmers good prices for their cropp as they want to build and grow a relationship with the farmer to encourage him to grow a quality product and to ensure future supply from that farmer.

The term would be "uncertified fair trade".

Just because its not labeled "fair trade" doesnt nessasarly mean that the farmer has been ripped off.

Leave C1 alone! You have been going the wrong way about this boycot if you want an answer go to the roasters as they will know.

If you must start any boycott over coffee my choice would be Starbucks!
Support local business - roasters and cafes!

I will continue to support C1 and choose to not follow your movment!


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