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This site is no longer active; many of the cafes closed after the 2011 earthquake, and it was formally archived in 2019. Thanks for visiting!

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Review of The Bicycle Thief by lightweight on Tue, 28 Feb 2006:

It's built a bit like a bunker with as many nooks and crannies as an old fashioned english muffin and hasn't yet been discovered by the masses, being a bit off the beaten track on the verge of Latimer Square. The indoor/outdoor flow (especially on a nice breezy summer day) and diversity of passing pedestrians combined with good service and high quality flat whites (a barista who formerly helped give the original Flask on Manchester street its good name is on the job), and at least one long table with a gas fireplace literally under your feet makes for a satisfying break from a harried work day. Apparently their menu is very good, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an emphasis on pizza. For beer-swilling cafe afficinados, they have Emerson's Bookbinder and Pilsner on tap. Fast on the way to becoming a regular haunt for those of us in Kenton Chambers (sorely missing the convenience, quality, and comfort of the original Flask).


Review of The Savoy Brown by lightweight on Tue, 28 Feb 2006, updated Tue, 28 Feb 2006:

Groovy shamelessly earthy retro 70s decor, an "Ubuntu-esqe" colour scheme, funky yet understated tunes burblin' away in the background, very personable staff who can also extract a pretty wicked brew make this cafe a favourite of mine, especially now that the Globe's standards have slipped. At Savoy Brown, they stick to their knitting - rock solid coffees and a few treats to have along side, not too much more. There's always a paper handy as well - all they need now is a wireless accesspoint and I'd shift my office there.


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