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This site is no longer active; many of the cafes closed after the 2011 earthquake, and it was formally archived in 2019. Thanks for visiting!

Vic's Cafe (Christchurch)

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Vic's cafe and sign.

WHERE: 132 Victoria St, Merivale, Christchurch (STREET MAP)


Added by Coffee Monster on Sun, 27 Nov 2005.

Reviews from 2009:

Review of Vic's Cafe by Addicted on Sat, 25 Apr 2009, updated Sat, 25 Apr 2009:

I'm from the North Island and yet I still have a Vic's coffee card in my wallet from a trip to Chch last year. Hope to be back soon for another great coffee!


Reviews from 2008:

Review of Vic's Cafe by flatty on Thu, 04 Sep 2008:

Consistently good coffee using C4 beans. Experienced, friendly baristas and fresh baked food add to the experience.


Reviews from 2007:

Review of Vic's Cafe by hangel on Thu, 27 Sep 2007:

Vic's is amazing! Friendliest staff in the world! Beautiful, amazing, mouth watering food. And the coffee is wonderful. The baristas at Vic's have all been well trained, and pass their knowledge onto the newbies as they come. There is a lovely outdoor setting area also that is really nice on a sunny day.

I work really close to both Procope and Vic's, and I choose Vic's everytime! (My poor bank account)