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This site is no longer active; many of the cafes closed after the 2011 earthquake, and it was formally archived in 2019. Thanks for visiting!

The Coffee House (Christchurch)

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The Coffee House - early in the morn ...

WHERE: 290 Montreal St, Christchurch (STREET MAP)

PHONE: (03) 365-6066 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

Added by Coffee Monster on Wed, 24 Aug 2005.

Reviews from 2009:

Review of The Coffee House by EwanHusami on Fri, 27 Mar 2009, updated Fri, 27 Mar 2009:

Always consistent and great flavour. Enjoyed both short black and others.

Sometimes coffee can be a little cool when delivered but always a pleasant place to visit with insi
de, outside and in between options



Review of The Coffee House by Miss H on Wed, 04 Mar 2009:

Nice place :) friendly service and good food. Would be cool if they had banana smoothies.


Reviews from 2008:

Review of The Coffee House by Coffee fan on Thu, 04 Sep 2008, updated Thu, 04 Sep 2008:

This has to be my favourite cafe! The blend they use is delicious! Really friendly service, fantastic location. And they are running courses where you can learn heaps about coffee. Fantastic idea. If anyone's interested you can check them out at Definitely worth it!