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Vivace Espresso Bar (Christchurch)

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Another coffee pic from Vivace.

WHERE: 86 Hereford St, Christchurch (STREET MAP)

PHONE: (03) 365-8248 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

Added by Coffee Monster on Wed, 24 Aug 2005.

Reviews from 2008:

Review of Vivace Espresso Bar by brentling on Thu, 12 Jun 2008:

Lui made some excellent coffee for us while we were there


Reviews from 2007:

Review of Vivace Espresso Bar by straightup on Wed, 11 Jul 2007:

you are garanteed to get the coffee you wanted!!! i have never had a bad one here ever and thats over three years.


Review of Vivace Espresso Bar by shortie on Tue, 22 May 2007:

I like the Hereford Street one. I frequented Vivace in Featherston St Wellington (which is still good) but I heard that Andy, Wellington Barista of the year or something in 2006, had gone back to working at Tuam Street. If so, his coffees are awesome.


Review of Vivace Espresso Bar by duffling on Thu, 26 Apr 2007:

The bar on hereford street is SO MUCH better than the other location! , The the guy with the big nose the rude 'TONKA idiot' so rudely referred to is a hell of a nice guy hes just too busy to kiss the ass of every teenage christchurch punk everytime they order a LATTE! do you want great coffee or a nice chat about how WICKED Salmonella dub is?

I can get over how rude some people are..

This bar has the BEST coffe in christchurch without question well worth a visit.! 11 out of ten as long as TONTO ( the guy with the big nose you Tonka ass )


Reviews from 2006:

Review of Vivace Espresso Bar by tonka on Sun, 22 Oct 2006, updated Sun, 22 Oct 2006:

i actually like the tuam street one... that barista from hereford with the big nose is an ass