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The Coffee Club (Auckland)

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WHERE: 51 Customs St, Auckland city, Auckland (STREET MAP)


Added by Sabrina on Sat, 20 Jun 2009.

Reviews from 2011:

Review of The Coffee Club by friend on Sun, 23 Jan 2011:

Service was excellent!! Food was delicious and loved the coffee.. will definately be back.


Reviews from 2009:

Review of The Coffee Club by Sabrina on Sat, 20 Jun 2009:

The coffee is great but the food is crap. Went there for breakfast (18/6/09)I ordered bacon and eggs with tomatoes. The bacon was the cheap processed stuff that was very salty the scrambled eggs were like rubber - i think it may have been mass produced hours ago and sitting in a warmer plus it was tasteless. The toast - if you can call it that was bread slighly warmed up with butter - i could just see the colour on the bread but couldnt taste it - it was also chewy (honestly how can toast be chewy). My daughter had eggs bendict - the poached egg was just about cooked and the sauce barely covered the eggs - again the toast was chewy - again disappointing - will definitely not be going there again and will be alerting all my friends and workmates in the area.