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Eastcoast Cafe (Christchurch)

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Eastcoast Cafe is attached to a shop ...

Eastcost Cafe & Bar ... & surf shop ...

Cappuccino and partly eaten coconut ...

Some of the blue couches in the seco ...

Tidal View - the road outside Eastco ...

WHERE: Tidal View, Ferrymead, Christchurch (STREET MAP)

PHONE: (03) 384-7421 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

Added by Coffee Monster on Mon, 30 May 2005.

Reviews from 2006:

Review of Eastcoast Cafe by andiejane on Tue, 01 Aug 2006:

I have eaten here at lunch few times and loved some of the dishes but they don't change much. The coffee was satisfactory. However I agree with the previous reviewer as I asked for something a little different when I was pregnant and this was met with outright negativity.


Reviews from 2005:

Review of Eastcoast Cafe by Beaker on Mon, 06 Jun 2005:

Eastcoast Cafe has a reputation for being "child friendly" - they have a corner dedicated as a play area, with a boat, a lighthouse, and some toys and books. It's a good idea, and there always seem to be lots of children in there. Because of all the nooks and crannies in the place, it's doesn't seem to create a disturbance for other customers.

The coffee is good - the Latte is a little weak, but paired with a double short black, it works well for me. The food is standard cafe fare, but well presented, and fresh. The service - good, although when I went with a group that included a baby with alergies (who had bought their own food, for obvious reasons), they wouldn't heat a little container for them, which was a bit of a pain.


Review of Eastcoast Cafe by Coffee Monster on Mon, 30 May 2005:

Eastcoast Cafe is bigger on the inside than the outside. I went in there expecting to find an ordinary cafe, but found a jungle!

When you go in the door, you find yourself in an ordinary cafe-like room, which is attached to a room full of blue couches, which is attached to the aforementioned jungle.

The walls are plastered with various antique items, some of which are for sale. There are tables and couches scattered around, creating lots of little private spots.

I had a cappuccino and a coconut and yoghurt slice. The cappuccino was good; the foam on top could have been a little creamier, and the liquid part was a little hot at first, but overall it tasted good. The coconut slice was great, if perhaps a little bigger than I expected at first.

Friendly service - and everything arrived in double-quick time, even though I had hidden myself away in a remote corner of the "jungle room".

I'm told that the food here is good, although I haven't tried it myself.

Definitely worth a visit - even if just to see the interior!