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Red Cherry (Cambridge)

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WHERE: Corner Forrest Road, SH1 RD1, Cambridge (STREET MAP)

WEBSITE: Red Cherry.

PHONE: (07) 823 1515 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

COFFEE BRAND: Red Cherry own roastery

Added by shortie on Sun, 18 Feb 2007.

Reviews from 2008:

Review of Red Cherry by flatty on Thu, 04 Sep 2008:

I went out of my way to visit here when staying at Pukekohe recently. Great coffee and the breakfasts are good too. Would definitely recommend it.


Reviews from 2007:

Review of Red Cherry by shortie on Sun, 18 Feb 2007:

This cafe is a roastery just outside Cambridge, ideal stopping point since it is on SH1 heading for Hamilton (its five minutes out of Cambridge on the main road. I have been there a number of times, even driven out of my way for it. The coffee is superb, they roast around three types, one of which is called Black Cherry. I tried their espresso beans at home and it is very good. The food is great Breakfast/brunch hot and cold food and cakes, great outdoor eating area and artwork for sale, child-friendly too. Staff are really friendly and this place is popular, esp on a sunday morning. I think they took out the bronze prize at last year's coffeefest. Highly recommended!