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DM Coffee (Martinborough)

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FAIR TRADE: Fair trade coffee available

Added by brentling on Mon, 15 Jan 2007.

Reviews from 2008:

Review of DM Coffee by Alex on Wed, 09 Apr 2008:

Have tried a long black at the Railway station and found it totally tasteless and uninspiring - bought some roasted beans in a fancy foil packet, which were already 10 days old and stale when tried. The rest went onto the fire as kindling. Sorry - it didn't cut it at all. :-(


Reviews from 2007:

Review of DM Coffee by Rupert on Sun, 20 May 2007:

Excellent coffee roasted on the premises. Friendly staff and well worth a visit, this is the best coffee roasted in the Wairarapa.


Review of DM Coffee by shortie on Sun, 11 Feb 2007:

These guys also have a stall at Featherston railway station- coffee and roast are fab


Review of DM Coffee by brentling on Mon, 15 Jan 2007:

Deli and coffee roastery - great to be able to get a decent coffee in Martinborough!