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The Coffee Club on Halswell (Christchurch)

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WHERE: Corner of Nicholls and Halswell Roads, Halswell, Christchurch (STREET MAP)

WEBSITE: The Coffee Club on Halswell.

PHONE: (03) 322-8104 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

COFFEE BRAND: Gourmet Coffee Works


WIRELESS INTERNET: Telecom wireless

Added by duffyd on Wed, 11 Oct 2006.

Reviews from 2011:

Review of The Coffee Club on Halswell by lktilson on Sun, 20 Mar 2011:

Bistro - Do not eat here!! Absolutely disgusting. Raw bacon. Bitsy Tomato offcuts. More salt than chips. Soggy meals. One hour and a half wait. When we asked to speak to a manager they didn't show for another half an hour and when she did show she was not remorseful and was in fact offensive. Half yelled at my guests with me who were sick of waiting and just wanted to pay and leave. Refused to refund meals or offer discount that were eaten (after waiting an hour and a half we were extremely hungry and unless we thought it would give us food poisoning ie raw bacon, we would have eaten dirt out of gutter). Some of my guests even after the long wait returned their meals they were just that disgusting. Eat there at your peril!!!


Reviews from 2008:

Review of The Coffee Club on Halswell by ashwow on Tue, 16 Dec 2008, updated Tue, 16 Dec 2008:

food is awesome man!!
if i was to want to get breakfast out I would so go there!!
oh and if you don't like coffee there make your own at your house!!
you have tow hands don't you??


Reviews from 2007:

Review of The Coffee Club on Halswell by ladaspeed on Sun, 14 Jan 2007:

Shite, the last latte I had actually made me feel ill for the rest of the day


Reviews from 2006:

Review of The Coffee Club on Halswell by duffyd on Wed, 11 Oct 2006:

Modern and comfortable atmosphere. A little expensive, $4 for a moccachino in a glass, $3.50 for a flat white (their website says otherwise but these prices are incorrect). Coffee was a little watery and a bit too milky. Service was prompt and pleasant.

If you enjoy good quality coffee, I wouldn't recommend going here as the coffee is average at best.