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Calendula Cafe (Franklin)

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WHERE: 12 Collie Rd, Glenbrook, Franklin (STREET MAP)

PHONE: 09 235 3324 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

Added by mocha on Sun, 17 Sep 2006.

Reviews from 2009:

Review of Calendula Cafe by Caroline on Sun, 08 Mar 2009:

I had no idea the cafe was even here and was pleasently surprised by it. Absolutely lovely. The cafe has a quaint setting which is especially lovely on a sunny day. My absolute favorite place to go for coffee and reccomended to all. Excellent service and top food and coffee. No a bad word about it.


Reviews from 2008:

Review of Calendula Cafe by Chrissy on Fri, 19 Sep 2008:

Absolutly wonderful staff and cafe. The coffee is sssooo good. I would travel miles for a great coffee. Yes, it gets very busy, but considering the awesome food, atmosphere and staff I am not surprised! I go with the girls during the week for a regular visit. Safe for kids with the sandpit and gardens. My best cafe pick in the North Island.


Review of Calendula Cafe by sis on Wed, 17 Sep 2008:

Superb!!! A+ food A+ coffee. The staff are always friendly, beautiful gardens. What an asset this young couple are to the district. Highly recommended.


Reviews from 2006:

Review of Calendula Cafe by brentling on Wed, 06 Dec 2006:

The food is good, the coffee is OK, but it's best when they are a bit quieter than when they are busy.


Review of Calendula Cafe by mocha on Sun, 17 Sep 2006:

Turn right onto Glenbrook Station rd as you head for Waiuku,watch out for the cafe sign on the right. If you reach the vintage railway station back track 1/2 a km.
You will have no complaints, the food and coffee are all fresh and Lisa's muffins are realy special.
Lovely garden setting. Allow plenty of time, you won't be in a rush to leave.