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Cafe Nova (Dunedin)

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WHERE: Octagon, Central Dunedin, Dunedin (STREET MAP)




Added by OJB on Sun, 17 Sep 2006.

Reviews from 2007:

Review of Cafe Nova by DoubleDee on Thu, 26 Apr 2007, updated Thu, 26 Apr 2007:

I love this place. When I am in Dunedin to work I often make a bee-line to go here for dinner. They have a wonderful Caesar salad and once when I had to lead a workshop the next day I had a divine Tiramisu (the best I have ever had) except that I laid awake all night with my eyes jammed open from all the espresso. Not so good for my clients the next day. Good coffee too. And the last time I went back - unfortunately the tiramisu had gone from the line-up.


Reviews from 2006:

Review of Cafe Nova by DrCoffee on Sun, 17 Sep 2006:

The coffee is okay, if it arrives. Too often we've waited an age for service and another for the coffee/food to arrive at Nova, now we don't go there. Better coffee and much better service to be found in Dunedin.


Review of Cafe Nova by OJB on Sun, 17 Sep 2006:

One of the better long blacks I have had recently. Strong, rich coffee. Good service. Prices reasonable.