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Java Coffee House (Christchurch)

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Java - cafe & coffee house (sign)

Java entrance with posters.

Java from the front, with payphone a ...

WHERE: cnr Lichfield St and High St, Christchurch (STREET MAP)

PHONE: (03) 366-0195 (SEE WHITE PAGES)

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Reviews from 2006:

Review of Java Coffee House by LeMonster on Wed, 05 Jul 2006:

My views tend to differ vastly from JeremyH. I was the business broker that sold Java Coffee House in September 2004. Rodents was definitely a problem then which has since been eradicated. The CCC inspector that came to conduct a health inspection commented on the good job by the new operator. I would suggest that JeremyH gets his facts right before writing a review.

As for the coffee, their new barista, Natalie makes a mean coffee, good crema and very consistent milk. The new beans, Dolce Vita by Piazza Dóro is much more consistent than the Hummingbird blend that they used to have.

As for the menu, the breakfast menu has an extended range compared to before. I strongly recommmend the pancakes. The streaky bacon is excellent.

Upon a recent visit, I found the cafe to be more children friendly with a toy box and high chair. With a new water cooler, I find it more convenient than having to asked for chilled water from the staff. On Mother's Day this year, I found the cafe packed out. What can I say, the paying customer knows what's best for them.


Review of Java Coffee House by Coffee Monster, updated Sun, 19 Mar 2006:

I used to go to Java a lot back in 1998. The double shot short black there was the best I have ever had: not too bitter, with a hint of blackcurrant in the aftertaste. Also, the chocolate cookies they made were excellent.

Returning recently, it seems to be under new management. From a few visits:

#1 - The cookies seem to have lost their magic :-(

#2 - I had a double espresso. Not as good as it used to be, but still not too bad. A little bitter on the top, but RIGHT at the bottom, just before the leftover coffee grounds, it had that "special espresso taste" that the old ones had.

#3 - Tried a takeaway cappuccino. The foam on the top was good, but take heed of the warning on the cap; this coffee gives new meaning to "CAUTION: HOT CONTENTS". I had to wait quite a while for this to cool down enough to be drinkable.