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Review of Ris'tretto Espresso Cafe & Roastery by Cafe Saint on Mon, 28 Mar 2011, updated Mon, 28 Mar 2011:

The average person who has more than 2 years experience drinking coffee from a wide range of cafes national & international would not be offended by the experience at this roastery.
Although I have never had the pleasure of working in the industry, or worked my way through the competition league, I believe my 30 years in hospitality and over 1000s of coffee`s I have consumed, qualifies me to offer an objective, balanced review that would prove accurate to 80% of the visitors to this website.

Batch coffee or not, fresh rolls or savories refrigerated overnight or not, this place ranks well if a comparison is made.

Maybe the highly educated barista`s that tend to compare each coffee with the best they ever had ,or can not see past there own short commings should step back and learn how to post a constructive review that is balanced and not based on one experience.

I suggest you go to www.dineout, Check out `MR LU` and his many reviews. It may educate you and help others give you the credit you probably deserve as a criteque.

And I am not on the payroll and I do not know the management here.


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