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Review of Underground by Annabobana on Thu, 19 Aug 2010:

This would have to be the worst cafe experiance of my life!
We fiance and i visit cafes on a weekly basis- i also belong to a coffee group that meets once a week, so thats a lot of cafes i have been to and never have i come across such disgustingly rude staff members and such awful coffee! you are pretty lucky if the staff even talk to you- but if they do you wish they hadnt! its almost as if they went out of their way to be un-helpful! I rang on the tuesday asking to book their 2tables for my coffee group and was asked what we planned on buying- when i said it would be about 8 coffees 2 fluffies and snacks each was told that wasnt enough and i could have one table, fine, turned up on the wednesday and nobody would talk to us- i tried to ask a staff member about it while ordering my coffee and she just snapped have here or take away?! this cafe doesnt even own a high chair! the coffee is burnt and comes in a silly little cup that you cant fit your finger in, the hot chocolate ought to be called a hot milk and worst of all we were all stuck at an outside table with babies and toddlers and an electric door in the cold! I will never go to this cafe again and neither will the others we were all so shocked at the lack of service


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