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Review of Procopé Coffee House by 210babe on Mon, 19 Jul 2010:

i am a regular customer at procope cafe. saturday i arrived early and was sitting in my car waiting for 8 oclock when one of the staff called out to me to come in next minute an erruption from inside the cafe from the barrista telling me it wasnt 8oclock yet and to f... off .this is true. the staff later told me they were horrified and to complain to the boss, well my complaint was a non- event hard to believe but true.
obviously the barrista, are we allowed to say names well here goes darrell thinks he was saying something about me, well as any intelligent person will know all he is doing is saying a lot about himself. ill be looking for a new favourite place.very uncool.from caroline read and maggie the afenpinscher


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