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Review of The Bicycle Thief by trimcap on Fri, 16 Apr 2010:

I love the coffee here.

I buy coffee (large takeaway trim cap) here 5 days a week and VERY rarely get a bad one.

The Bicycle Wheels (the perfect savoury accompaniment to any coffee) are delicious! Every day there are two different flavoured Bicycle Wheels and two different Muffins to chose from. The cafe offers a huge range of flavours of both items so you never know what flavours you will find there each day... luckily they are all delicious.

The service on the cafe counter is top notch. The staff actually take an interest in their customers. I've never been to a cafe before where the staff are on a first name basis with so many of their customers! Obviously the coffee and food is so good there are MANY repeat customers :)

It is little wonder The Bicycle Thief was voted the best coffee in the metropolitan area by members of Canterbury Young Professionals last year!


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