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Review of Esquires Goddards Centre by le grande master on Wed, 14 Apr 2010:

i myself have had a few run ins with these guys.. as a barista i have found thier product very inconsistant and often burnt. the hygine levels in the store are a joke .. the girls in there are all lovely and all so friendly... the guy with the dark hairs a joke... his teeth are rotten and he just smells bad even from the other side of the counter.. as the manager of a food premise ones hygine should be high . but not with this guy.. not to mention the way the place is left.. ive noticed on several occassions as ive walked past (not mentioning the smell) food left on the bench with birds getin a feast or just the filth all over the coffee machine like spilt milk drippin from the bench all over the floor and yet nothing is clean before moving on to the next thing .. its Filth i tell you id much rather bathe in the mud then eat or drink anything from this establishment ever again


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