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Review of Le Cafe by fedup on Mon, 22 Feb 2010:

Went to have lunch there during a work day and when we arrived, saw a few tables outdoor with customers enjoying the sunny weather but we chose to be seated inside. 5 of us ordered open sandwiches and the time then was 1.07pm. After waited for 50 mins, there was still no sign of our meal appearing. When the waitress was approached, her answer was "its coming". Don't they always say that to all waiting customers? The meals finally turned up at 1.55pm and we had to feed the parking meter to extend the parking time. Service is horrendously poor!!! Don't they realise it's a weekday and some people need to get back to work? It's no surprise to me that they business has gone down. I said to the table that we can write this place off for meals.


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