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Review of The Bicycle Thief by barry on Thu, 04 Feb 2010, updated Fri, 16 Apr 2010:

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Nice atmosphere and nice service in general on the positive side, but the new manager was annoying at best, didn't appear to do any work and was generally an annoying ass. Food was of a 'pizza hutt' standard and that's being kind. Very oily polenta fries , very average pizza. The place was overly dark and felt like what it really is which is a re-furbished car park.
The only thing that was good was the coffee.

Honestly if they got rid of the night time Chef they would probably do quite well.

I would avoid this overly trendy spot at all costs. The owner appears to only provide good service to those 'appearing to be' wealthy.
This restaurant would simply last two weeks in any other place in the world.


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