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Reviews by Jane:

Review of Zumo by Jane on Tue, 26 Jan 2010:

Love the coffee, love the service!

Dear Lovebenny - there are no eco-friendly PAPER coffee cups... that's why they only make plates and cutlery from potatoes. There are some with Polylactic acid lamination, but they are still made from paper.

BUT Zumo cups are recyclable and all recycled material must start with virgin material (the fibres only last the recycling process so many times). Most paper mills are now very environmentally conscious as they have to be very competitive - there are several bodies that govern mills these days (WMF - Well Managed Forests, FSC - Forest Stewardship Council to name a mere couple) So unless the cups come from the Bazillian rainforest, you can be reasonably happy that as long as you recycle your cup, you are doing your bit.

If you are that environmentally conscious - take in your own mug to be filled - and absolutely no carbon footprint... unless you drive to Zumo!


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