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Review of Jamaica Blue @ Riccarton Mall by ChchFoodie on Mon, 09 Mar 2009, updated Mon, 09 Mar 2009:

I was really surprised at the quality of this cafe. Being in the middle of the mall, I was expecting the same thing as all the other coffee shops. But the food here is amazingly good. There are little extras that make it a nice place for lunch. The paninis and fritata comes with a little side salad and dressing. The portions are good size and it feels like good value for money. The coffees are good but the food is what stands out. The service was friendly enough and the wait wasn't long. Great place.


Review of Trattorie by ChchFoodie on Mon, 09 Mar 2009:

I was unimpressed. Went there a few times. The coffee was inconsistant. When it was good, it was really good. But when it wasn't it was just o.k. My main problem was the food. I ordered the cheesecake. It must have been in there for a while as it tasted like the other items in the case. O.K. for where it is at but nothing too special.


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