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Reviews by coffaholic:

Review of The Globe Cafe by coffaholic on Sun, 23 Nov 2008:

Had a Mocha here yesterday and while it tasted great it had 'heaps' of chocolate sprinkled over the top... I had to spoon it off, all a bit messy really ;-) First bad cup i have had there.


Review of The Bicycle Thief by coffaholic on Sun, 23 Nov 2008:

Mocha's are av the syrup they use is a funny liquid but you get a yummy BIG chocolate stick with your cupa so that makes up for it. When they bring it out they have the chocolate is sitting on top and partially melted it’s yummi.
I have been In recently and they have made the lighting brighter it’s better… There’s ambiance and there’s poke yourself in the eye and trip on the step that’s not there cos… it’s to dark to see :-)


Review of Flask by coffaholic on Sun, 23 Nov 2008:

Flask was a fab place, there was a fantastic las (Blonde 20’s) that worked there, she made the place she was always smiling even at 7:30ish. The coffee ‘was’ great the service was fast and consistant. I used to grab a coffee most mornings when i worked close by and the price was reasonable too… I miss flask ;-)


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