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Review of Procopé Coffee House by soylatte on Thu, 13 Sep 2007:

I had never been to this place nor could I pronounce it... by the way it is PRO-CO-PAY.... Up front I moved into the office above Procopé had no idea of it, nor coffee or food. The FOOD ROCKS, my partner comes here for lunch whenever she can and comments on how great it is and how lucky we are to be above it. The staff are great the best crew I have met and as for too cool???? eh? not like the above reviews...I think the above reviewers need to go back in really. 5 stars out of 6, 1 star when they deliver coffee to me at work in the morning... whoops they do, 6 out of 6. This was selected as runner up to best cafe in Canterbury or Christchurch without entering. I only found this site when I was trying to find out the correct spelling, then saw the reviews and thought wow suck reviews... so I am here to state what I think and know.


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