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Review of Fuel by Coffeejojo on Mon, 27 Aug 2007:

I have been in Wellington for four years now and first discovered fuel at Wellington airport in 2003. To this day I am a loyal customer. I was a regular customer at fuel in the airport for 1.5 years, then moving into the city to work, I visited Fuel Waring Taylor Street for 1.5 years and now visit fuel Holland Street daily. I love fuel coffee and espescially hot chocolates. I rate fuel the best coffee provider in Wellington. Staff a brilliant!! I recommend everybody try it!!



Review of Mojo by Coffeejojo on Mon, 27 Aug 2007:

I do not rate mojo at all, hot chocolate was tasteless, not mixed properly, hot chocolate was sitting at the bottom and when I did mix it, there was clumps in my drink ewwww


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