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Reviews by pukako:

Review of The Bean Coffee Roastery by pukako on Tue, 10 Oct 2006:

Down by the Information Centre in sunny Whakatane, this place has really grown latety but is still the best coffee house east of Tauranga. They roast their own beans, every coffee is double shot, you can buy beans or ground as well. Coffee is strong and slightly sweet.

The staff is friendly and it`s got a small town atmosphere with great service. Food used to be bagels (4 different toppings) but now they have home baking and a few other sweet things. Some tables outside in the sun, some comfy chairs.

Great place!


Review of Lime Caffeteria by pukako on Tue, 10 Oct 2006:

Most popular place in Rotorua - the only place with sun, light and great food. The coffee is good, but nothing special, but the food is excellent - big, tasty examples of common and not so common cafe food, and a great selection of sweets and savories.

Staff are busy but friendly, and at lunchtime in the weekends, it`s very hectic. Worth a look if you`re in `Vegas.


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