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you can track various things on the site, using a technology called RSS...

Want to be able to keep track of all the new reviews on the site? Perhaps you want to know about the latest cafés that people are talking about? Or maybe you OWN a café, and want to keep up to date with what people think about you? You're in the right place...

First, you'll need a news reader. Newsblur is a good one.

Once you're signed up, try subscribing to some of these:

here's what you can subscribe to:

Cafés - subscribe to this feed to find out when a new café is approved for the site.

Reviews - subscribe to this feed to find out whenever someone posts a new review.

Pictures - subscribe to this feed to watch all the new pictures on the site.

You can also subscribe to the feed of reviews for an individual café -- look on the page for the particular café you want to follow.