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Kush Coffee (Nelson)

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WHERE: 5 Church Street, Nelson (STREET MAP)

WEBSITE: Kush Coffee.

PHONE: 03 539 4793 (SEE WHITE PAGES)




FAIR TRADE: All coffee is fair trade

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Added by Tumbero Loco on Mon, 17 Jan 2011.

Reviews from 2011:

Review of Kush Coffee by Tumbero Loco on Mon, 17 Jan 2011:

Simply the best coffee in Nelson if not the Southern Hemisphere! Andy the roaster is the most passionate "Bean head" I have met and his blends are simply off the charts. Everything about this place screams "Cool" and I can't understand why all coffee lounges aren't like this. The staff are not only awesome but they're bloody good looking too.. something that does not go un-noticed when one is in need of a coffee.

The lounge itself is large and open plan, with an ecclectic designer feel to it's decor. There is plenty of very interesting reading material, daily papers, a thought provoking "thought of the day" and a general feel that this place does not take itself to seriously and is all about coffee and relaxation. The very cool cafe jazz music selection whilst we were there was awesome and was at just the right volume to be appreciated, but not irritated by.

All in all.. the best coffee, the best environment in which to drink it and some of the best smiles we've seen in ages!! Vive le Kush!!


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