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The Coffee Guy (Unknown)

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WEBSITE: The Coffee Guy.


COFFEE BRAND: Burton Hollis


FAIR TRADE: No fair trade coffee available

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Added by secondcrack on Thu, 12 Mar 2009.

Reviews from 2009:

Review of The Coffee Guy by rose on Fri, 24 Jul 2009:

One of the coffee guy came and parked outside an event in Tauranga where he was not invited nor did he ask if he could trade.
I think it's very rude when other invited providers give a percentage to the organiser or to the worthy charity who has organised the event.

Will definately not buy from that franchise that doesn't seem to have a lot of business ethic.


Review of The Coffee Guy by secondcrack on Thu, 12 Mar 2009, updated Thu, 12 Mar 2009:

The 'Barista' was a person who did not even really drink coffee, would you buy wine from a waiter who didnt drink wine the coffee was bodyless, The trained'Barista' did not know anything about coffee or the origin. basically a person who did not know what to do after they retired...


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